Monday, 13 February 2012

Fun is good - Dr Seuss

Choo Choo Chicks 

Most Sundays, at 2pm slt, if I am in world, I can be found at Hamilton County Virtual School at a vintage train station by the luggage trollies. However I am not taking  a class, nor am I going on a journey. I am grooving to the Choo Choo Chicks. 

Unusually in SL the Choo Choo Chicks are a group. The three "chicks" perform live from Red Lotus Records in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  They each have great individual voices but when they harmonize it is even more wonderful. They essentially sing jazz and blues but their song list includes music from The Andrews Sisters to Aretha Franklin and all sorts in between. Can't beat some Diana Krall followed by Etta James and Nat King Cole, all sung in The Choo Chicks own style. The guitar and bass backing provides the rhythm and the songs vary from sublime to upbeat and back again. 

There is no dress code but I am always transported to a time long before I was born. It has a dance hall feel no matter what decade the music is from. 

The setting cannot be praised enough. It is stunning and unusual and not too laggy. Add in the fun atmosphere, the chatter (in southern accents!) and the delightful welcome from Ima the hostess and I can always guarantee I will finish my Sunday evening with a smile. 

A special mention to the mesh dress I am wearing from ColdLogic. It is a valentine freebie from the subscriber and it comes with a fade to black layer to disguise  invisible thighs when you sit down or move. It passed the Sandy boogie test and even a dip from Robby my dance partner. Honestly, I am a little bit in love with this beautifully designed dress.

For more info:

Choo Choo Chicks Video

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe - Lao Tzu

Skye Galaxy

Skye has achieved quite a following in SL since he began performing in 2009 and there is alot of talk of him achieving success in his first life too. In real life he is , 22 years old from Dallas and he has already collaborated with  Rory Gallagher and ATB (see the links below) as he continues to develop as an artist. Will he be the first singer/musician to have a successful career which started in SL? There are alot of SL fans who hope so.

Of course the big problem with going to see a succesful and popular artist is the LAG. Expect soup, fog and grey avs. Most people don't bother to dance (although I did manage a slow one) and it is an achievement not to crash the sim. Patience is rewarded by Skye's performance. He never gives less than 100% and you will not care that you can't move as it is all about the sound, not the visuals. 

I saw Skye perform at Elsewhere Cafe which was a lovely venue with lots of comfy seating as well as a large dance floor. Skye sat at his piano, his avatar a fawn but if I am honest I was closing my eyes and listening.   His style was  intense with a throaty, melodic voice raising above his dynamic and consuming piano backing. He mixed his own compositions with covers performed in his own original style.  

His covers included Paradise by Coldplay and  Creep by Radiohead. He often mixed one song straight into another seamlessly taking you on a journey, filled with emotion. The performance moved from uplifting and inspiring to desolate and tormented. The crowd responds to every song and he will often dedicate songs to friends. There is little chatter as most people seem absorbed and commented only on the performance.

It is hard to believe that a young man can be so accomplished and dedicated and I would urge people to go and see what the hype is all about to make up their own minds. If you can't face the lag you can find out more and hear some of his music on: